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Welcome to our series about the new AnyDesk Version 6, where we will show you how you can get the perfect experience out of AnyDesk, regardless of if you’re a professional IT Admin or if you just want to collaborate with your friends. Today, we’ll focus on the features that make the life of a network administrator more convenient!

Group Policies

Within a network, you most likely want all AnyDesk clients to work in the same way. You would like them to have the same settings and be able to set up new users quickly. In larger companies especially, you likely have thousands of devices that need to be managed and you probably don’t have the time to adjust settings for each one individually. Managing all device settings from one central point is now possible with Group Policies! New users are easily set up, updates are quickly implemented and all settings are centralized.


All of that sounds wonderfully convenient, but one simple hurdle can complicate everything: If a device in the network is in sleep mode, making it so you can’t access it. Or can you? Of course you can ask a co-worker to turn on their device. Or, you can now go the easier route and use AnyDesk’s new Wake-On-LAN feature! The name already tells you all you need to know: You simply wake up a sleeping device.

First, you’ll need to define which devices should have permission to wake each other up. They have to be in the same network in order to be part of your Wake-On-LAN group. You can simply add the devices that AnyDesk found via Auto-Discovery. One after the other, the devices of your Wake-On-LAN group will then try to wake up the sleeping device. Surely, one of them will be able to awaken it from its slumber and you can get to work!

Address Book for Android

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You’ve probably heard of our Address Book, which is available for Professional and Power licenses. It helps you keep the clients in your network conveniently organized. If you have to offer remote support on the go, you should always have your contacts with you, which is why the address book is also now displayed on Android devices! This isn’t all that AnyDesk is capable of. Keep an eye on this blog for future articles about Version 6! Xcode for mac 10.12.

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Encryption details for the current session

See also: Firewall.

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Session Security

All sessions are secured using TLS1.2 with AEAD.
The enforced encryption mode, client verification status, and fingerprint is to be found in the tooltip during the session.

Security Features for the Client

  • The custom client provides a variety of configurable security settings. For details, see Customize AnyDesk.
  • Exclusive unattended access: Access to the client solely by providing the unattended password. See Exclusive Unattended Access
  • Preconfigured modules for customers and service/support. See Automatic Deployment.
  • Salted password hashing - AnyDesk uses secure salted hash tokens for password transmission.

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Access Control List used to secure access to a client

Access Control List

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To reduce session request capability to authorized clients, the access control list whitelists specific IDs or Namespaces.Forcing ACL in the custom client ensures customers to only get session requests from the authorized vendor. Session requests from non-listed clients are blocked accordingly.

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About Anydesk App

For environments with high-security demands, AnyDesk provides the self-hosted OnPremises solution.
Fully operational even in offline-networks. See AnyDesk OnPremises for more.