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Create a camera or a seagull object on the given position. The creation happens immediately and doesn't wait for camCommit.

Arma 3 Camera

Among other commands, cameraEffect must be used to enter the camera's view and camDestroy to delete the created camera. See also Camera Control.

2: Number Direction of the camera 3: Number FOV 4: Array Pitch,Bank 5: Number Focus 6: Number Aperture 7: Number Daytime 8: Number Overcast 9: Number Acctime 10: Number Brightness 11: Number Contrast 12: Number Saturation. Calling BISfnccamera with the exported array will automcatically open the camera and move to the given position with. Steam Steamapps Common ArmA 3 @yourmodfoldername addons You can also use the 'Arma 3 Alpha' folder in your 'My Documents' folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this. The Remote Designator is a static laser marker turret used by both NATO and CSAT forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Marksmen DLC. 1 Design 2 Variants 3 Camouflage 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 See also This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Marksmen DLC. Controlled with a UAV Terminal, the Remote Designator serves as an autonomous laser designator turret that is.

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Arma 3 Camera Mode

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  • Run Arma 3 with CBAA3 mod; Open the Eden 3D editor. Click 'Play Scenario' on bottom right corner of the screen. Press Esc; Click 'Return to Eden Editor' Attempt to move the camera using the W, S, A, or D keys, or the mouse wheel, or by dragging the cursor with the right mouse button. The camera is frozen.

  • Other objects can be created this way, but vehicles created with camCreate cannot be entered
  • Any unit created with camCreate will remain static
  • Unlike createVehicle, objects are created exactly at the given position, without consideration of the surrounding objects
camCreated objects are only visible locally (meaning they are client-side effects).


type camCreate position
type: String - camera type, one of the following:
  • 'camera'
  • 'seagull' (a crow in Arma 2)
  • 'camconstruct'
  • 'camcurator' (Since Arma 3 Zeus)
  • 'crowe' (crow - Arma 3)
  • or any vehicle class suitable to be spawned with cam
position: Array - format PositionAGL - position to create the object at
Return Value:
Object - the created camera

Arma 3 Camera Mod


Arma 3 Camera Modheremup
Example 1:
_cam = 'camera' camCreate (ASLToAGLeyePosplayer);
Example 2:
_flr = 'flare' camCreate (position _myPlane); // works too

Additional Information

See also:
Camera Control


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