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Promote You – leaders and employers with good boundaries know that if you have good boundaries, you can be trusted to state clearly what you can and cannot do, welcome input and work passionately without burnout. Protect Yourself from the Control of Others – having clear boundaries makes it.

  1. Boundaries for Leaders: Results, Relationships, and Being Ridiculously in Charge.
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  3. Boundaries for leaders, has a lot of gems inside. I found that the areas covered are very broad, and I had expected more of how to effectively set boundaries with challenging individuals and patterns, such as upward delegation etc. My favorite part of the book addresses Time boundaries, and I would love to hear much more about that.

I don’t know about you but I cringe every time I hear the word boundaries. As a leader, I always thought boundaries prevented me from doing what needed to be done. Boundaries felt like a cage, restrictive and something that held me back.

However, as I read through Dr. Henry Cloud’s new book Boundaries For Leaders, I realized I’ve been wrong. Leaders need boundaries. The key is learning how to define the boundaries.

Boundaries For Leaders Cover

Dr. Cloud is probably best known for the book Boundaries, that he co-authored with John Townsend. In Boundaries, Cloud and Townsend shared how everyone needs to have certain boundaries:

Physical Boundaries

Emotional Boundaries

Mental Boundaries

Boundaries for Leaders PDF Free download

Spiritual Boundaries

The boundaries discussed in that book are fantastic and make a valid case for why we need them. However, they weren’t written in a way that directly related to leaders. This is where Boundaries For Leaders come into play.

Dr. Cloud uses the idea that a boundary is: A boundary is a structure that determines what will exist and what will not. Now, when I think of a boundary in those terms, it makes the idea of them much more palatable. Do you agree?

My Thoughts On Boundaries For Leaders

Boundaries For Leaders has begun shifting my thoughts on the ideas of boundaries. It opened me up to a new way of thinking of what boundaries are and how they can be applied to leadership, and our lives.

Dr. Cloud has done his research and paid his dues to learn about boundaries. He’s consulted with multiple companies who had high ranking executives who needed to set new boundaries. Without them, they were floundering. When they began to apply boundaries, they began to flourish. Dr. Cloud uses many of these examples in this book. I felt it brought out the ideas and showed why they worked.

Because of Boundaries For Leaders, I will begin shifting towards a leadership style that involves boundaries. This will help guide those under me and keep me in check.

What Boundaries For Leaders Will Teach You

In Boundaries For Leaders, you will discover 7 boundaries all leaders should have for effective leadership. They’ll set you up for success and a smoother running organization. These 7 boundaries will show you how to:

Help people focus their attention on the things that matter most

Build the emotional climate that drives brain functioning

Facilitate connections that boost energy and momentum

Create organizational thought patterns that limit negativity and helplessness

Identify paths for people to take control of the activities that drive results

Create high-performance teams organized around the behaviors that drive results

Lead yourself in a manner that protects the vision

As I typed those 7 seven, I couldn’t help but realize just how important they are to effective leadership. They’re not limiting in the least. No, in fact, they are freeing.

Who Could Use Boundaries For Leaders?

I think the real question is: Who couldn’t use Boundaries For Leaders? It’s a book that clearly communicates the need for boundaries within leadership and what you must do to create them.

But if I had to choose a group that could use Boundaries For Leaders the most, I’d have to say it would be young leaders who are just stepping into their leadership roles. Young leaders will benefit from the years of experience Dr. Cloud has under his belt and that he shares within the book.

It’s nice to be able to use his book to recognize the leadership traps that other leaders have fallen into because they didn’t have the boundaries they needed. Young leaders could apply these boundaries to their leadership and propel their leadership to the next level.

Boundaries For Leaders PDF Free Download

Where Can You Purchase Boundaries For Leaders?

Check your local bookstore to purchase Boundaries For Leaders. Supporting the small, local shop is a great way to help them succeed.

My second choice for purchasing Boundaries For Leaders would have to be Amazon. They provide the fastest shipping I’ve seen and their price is right.

If you want to purchase Boundaries For Leaders from Amazon, click here. As of this writing, they have it for $19.88, 31% off of the list price.

Question: What do you think setting boundaries could do for your leadership? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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On a recent Wednesday night, I was attending a parent association meeting at my children’s school to talk about upcoming events. These meetings have historically run long; sometimes going until 9:30 p.m. or later. I go to bed at 9:30 on weeknights, so the day after these meetings, I always wake up feeling tired and sluggish. Before long, these meetings were negatively impacting my week. I realized I have a choice in this situation—I could continue staying until the meeting ends and feel tired and frustrated each time, or I could come up with a better solution that worked for me. So instead of feeling obligated to stay until the end of the meeting, I created a boundary: for weeknight meetings, I would leave by 8:30 p.m. No exceptions. I let the president of the parent association know ahead of time, and at the next meeting, I collected my things at 8:30, said goodbye, and headed home.

Boundaries are an essential part of leadership. Without boundaries, our days become a haze of activities without any focus. We end up feeling busy all day without accomplishing anything of value.

Are there any boundaries you need to create in your life?

I like to think of it this way:

Boundaries create structure

Structure creates freedom

Boundaries allow you to focus and work at your peak. The purpose of boundaries is to protect your time and energy so you can work at your best. So you can be your best.

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Below are some examples of leadership boundaries that can help protect your time and energy:

  • Closing your door to work on an important project
  • Telling your employees you are not available for the next two hours so you can work on a project
  • Taking a lunch break every day to give your brain a rest
  • Not accepting a meeting request without an agenda
  • Protecting the first half hour of your workday to get focused and review your priorities for the day
  • Leaving the office no later than 6:00 each day
  • Not checking email on weekends
  • Not working at all on vacation (this is a boundary I am implementing in a couple weeks!)

When you don’t have boundaries, everyone else’s emergencies become your emergencies. You find yourself reacting to everyone else instead of focusing on what is important to you and your success.

Below are some of the personal and work boundaries I’ve put into place to protect my time and energy:

  • Prioritize my to do list and focus on two high priority activities a day
  • Schedule productivity sprints (blocks of time in my calendar) to focus on one thing at time (typically these sprints are between one and two hours each)
  • Close my email and put my phone out of sight when I am doing a productivity sprint
  • Go to bed by 9:30 p.m. on weeknights
  • No weeknight meetings after 8:30
  • No alcohol on weeknights
  • No work after 6:00 p.m.
  • Phone stays in the kitchen at night (not in the bedroom)
  • Maximum of one alcoholic beverage at a dinner or event (unless it’s a really long event like a wedding, where I allow myself two glasses)

You may be thinking; does she have any fun? Yes, I do. What these boundaries do is ensure that my energy is at its peak. I facilitate leadership programs and speak in front of people at least three times a week, and feeling rested, energized, and at the top of my game is vitally important for my business and the results my clients get. Having a glass of wine on a Tuesday night may not seem like a big deal, but it results in me not sleeping as well that night and feeling groggy in the morning, which undermines my performance. That boundary is a structure I use to keep myself at my peak.

Having structures also cuts down on the decisions you have to make, which frees up mental space and energy. As humans, we make thousands of decisions every day—everything from what to wear to who to hire. Having boundaries and structures in place keeps you from having to make simple decisions that drain your energy. Some CEOs create structures to simplify their lives as much as possible. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Don Tyson, former CEO of Tyson Foods, wear the same outfit every day, as did the late Steve Jobs. This is one less choice they need to make each day.

Boundaries For Leaders Notes

An important part of leadership is being able to keep yourself—and your team—focused. In today’s world, it’s challenging to keep your mind focused on what’s important. Without boundaries, you end up wasting your hours and ultimately your days. Developing boundaries creates the structures you need to keep your leadership—and your life—on track.

Boundaries For Leaders Book

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