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Bucco Bruce Arians’ former CBS colleague shared disapproval of the Tampa Bay head coach following the gut-punch loss to the Chiefs on Sunday.

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Joe’s referring to former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn, who has various gigs in NFL media including co-hosting weekdays on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Quinn dove into his view that the Bucs’ preseason hype was overhype and they’re nothing more than a low level playoff team this season. Like many ex-QBs, Quinn talked about how asking Tom Brady to have championship precision in a new offense with limited practice was too much of a reach.

But Quinn isn’t blaming Brady for the Bucs’ recent woes. He says it’s on Arians and Todd Bowles.

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Brady Quinn

“They don’t take any accountability. When have you heard Bruce Arians get up there and say, ‘I need to do a better job coaching?'” Quinn barked. “I don’t hear him say that very often, if ever. Bottom line is they got outcoached. They got outcoached the last past weeks. I mean, you look at their system, you look at their offense, they don’t seem to make any changes. They get away from the running game to soon. And Tom Brady needs that so they have a semblance of balance because this offensive line isn’t as good as he’s traditionally had and been successful behind.”

Quinn wagged a finger at Bowles, who he described as stubborn when it comes to his schemes, for trying to defend Patrick Mahomes on Sunday in ways that simply don’t work against him. But Quinn acknowledged that the Bucs did many good things within their defensive gameplan over 60 minutes.

As for Brady, Quinn thinks he’s amazing but aging before fans’ eyes.


“There’s diminishing skills there, of course, he’s 43. And he doesn’t move quite the same. It’s a fair criticism but it’s the reality of the situation. What he’s doing 43 is incredible. It’s incredible. But that doesn’t mean he’s not diminishing to a degree.

“That’s evident. It’s there. I think where you see it is every once in a while he’ll make a throw and you’ll go, ‘Ooof. I don’t remember seeing that.’ And that’s where it’s just the body’s not reacting and it’s not as consistent as it normally is.”

Pressure on Brady, Quinn added reveals that he now needs all of his body to make certain throws. And those are often the ones he misses.

Joe disagrees with Quinn about Arians’ public accountability.

Brady Quinn

Joe’s heard Arians talk about needing to coach better, but he certainly goes there less often than most NFL coaches. There’s a confidence Arians has in his staff and his system that is admirable and earned, though Joe thinks that might work against the Bucs at times.

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That was evident to Joe when Arians said earlier this year that, “You don’t hire strangers in my office, you hire guys I trust.” That’s a quite a different view than Father Dungy had when he set out to transform the Bucs.