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Ok folks, get ready for this one! Many of you might not know Clif High, but I think you’re going to find him tremendously fascinating like I do. I’ve been following his reports for several years and they never cease to amaze with their accuracy. A little background. Trending: President Trump: “I can assure you. Video #1:#2: me on Twitter: are so. Clif High and Bitcoin Ben, ThatWooTheyDoo SPREAD THE WORD. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pin It Tumblr WhatsApp. You may also like. BITCOIN IS THE NOW AND THE FUTURE. Infuses your system, gives you a flush. See his Twitter feed. Chaga seems to be synergistic with Vita-C, they each boost the others capabilities. Clif takes 5 grams of Vita-C per day of lyposomal. 45:25 Web Bot (old reports from Clif High) – three attempts to restart monetary system after it crashed. January 25, 2021: Notes from Jim Willie, Clif High, Juan O’Savin Posted on January 25, 2021 by Ann Kreilkamp Jim Willie: DNI will have info of collusion that makes it so the MSM will either start to reveal the real news, or their companies will be destroyed.

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