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A dmg to exe conversion is often searched by users that would like to convert an installer for macOS / OS X app (often saved as.dmg to installer usable on Windows (.exe,.msi etc.). This is not possible via some conversion utility and it is unlikely that some dmg to exe converter exists. Click dmg2img.exe file and type the following command line on the command prompt window and press Enter. Dmg2img dmg For example, if want to convert a DMG file named as abcdef.dmg then type the following command line dmg2img “C: Users Administrator Desktop abcde.dmg”. It appears that exe to dmg conversion is typically sought by users that want to convert a Windows installer (usually.exe) to a Mac installer (often saved as.dmg, so they can install Windows app on Mac. Unfortunately, such exe to dmg conversion is not possible. You do this with WineBottler. I have done this with one application, a stand-alone Windows.exe that is used to configure my router with a GUI. The.exe is 1.5MB, and the bundle is 500MB, as it contains everything needed to run under OS X. Beats the heck out of firing up a VM just to work with the router. Mac Os Sierra Dmg Mega Dmg 5e Magic Items Dmg America Dmg Fjl Megnyitsa Download Mac Mavericks Dmg Dmg Management Group Age Of Empires 2 For Mac Download Dmg 5e Guns Download Mac Os X 10.8 Mount An Image In Mac.dmg Online Mac Cleaner Linux Burn Dmg File Download Ie 11 For Mac Celtx Download Mac.

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I was wondering if there is any software around that can convert .exe files to .dmg files
The only time it would help to do that would be if the .exe file was a self expanding Zip archive. And then only if the contents were even usable on a Mac.
.exe files are a Windows executable. A program in other words. Unless you're running Windows in an emulator such as Parallels or Virtual PC, they won't do you a bit of good.
If you could even find a program to decompile (reverse engineer) an .exe file and recompile for the Mac OS, it would be illegal to do so most of the time. Pretty much any commercial software forbids such action.
Also, quite a bit of .exe files you may download are installer programs for Windows. So it would produce yet more .dll, .exe and other Windows-centric files.

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