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Last updated Nov 5, 2020

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  • While a private browser is a good step toward secure browsing, a reputable VPN can make tracking your online activities more difficult. The right VPN can hide your IP address and encrypt your network traffic — providing the additional protection you need.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, using your browser in Incognito mode may seem like the most obvious response. Pycharm professional crack. Most major browsers claim that Incognito mode is more private than normal browsing methods. But how private is it, really?

Here we’ll look at what exactly Incognito mode does, and whether it is actually truly private. Specifically, does Incognito mode hide your IP address?

It makes sure all your browsing is private to you. You can even hide all your tabs in just a click and it will ask for a PIN to unlock the tabs. Apart from that, it will also.

What is ‘Incognito mode’?

If you want to surf the web privately, maybe to buy a present for your spouse without them knowing, Incognito mode allows you to use the browser without it remembering your browser history. If someone were to check through your browser history while you use Incognito mode, it would look as if you weren’t even online.

Incognito mode is great for hiding your activity from other users on your device. It does not hide your information from websites themselves, and many browsers do not even claim to do this. Chrome’s Incognito mode goes out of its way to tell you that other websites and your ISP might be able to track you, even while you are in Incognito mode.

Tracking IP address

Does Private Browsing Hide Iphone

Incognito mode doesn’t save your browser history on your device, but it is not as private as many think. Incognito mode won’t prevent you from creating an account on a website and remembering credit card info and personal information. While first-party cookies will be discarded at the end of every session, third-party cookies and trackers can still follow your browsing habits.

Third-party trackers are also used to identify your device, allowing Google and other advertising companies to build a profile on your browsing history and habits. That, in turn, lets them customize ads and search results for you.

The only point of Incognito mode is to keep your browsing history hidden from other users on your end. Anything tracking you through the Internet, rather than your device, will not be affected.

Incognito or a private browser?

Many people assume that Incognito mode is just as good as a private browser. But unless that private mode is actually intended to keep you anonymous on the Internet, then it is practically worthless when it comes to keeping your actions safely hidden.

Chrome’s Incognito mode fails to do this - there are no native shields against trackers. Brave succeeds, with a private mode that allows you to browse anonymously - both from other users of your device and from the websites you visit.


If you use Incognito mode in Chrome, be aware that it is not a true private browser. Incognito mode does not keep your information any more secure from third parties on the Internet.

Your browsing history can still be collected by your web provider, or your employer if you browse from a work computer. Neither party will be able to log in and view your history, but they can record your browsing habits externally. This makes Chrome’s Incognito mode little more than an option to selectively hide your browsing history from other users for a short time.


How To Hide Browsing Data

Brave takes a different approach. With Brave, third-party trackers that can fingerprint you based on your IP address are automatically blocked. Unwanted ads are stopped also, and Brave Shields upgrades your Internet security to https whenever possible.

Brave offers users two alternatives to Chrome’s Incognito mode. Private Windows will clear your cookies and saved site data at the end of every session, just like Incognito mode. Private Windows with Tor routes your normal Internet connection through the Tor network, in which each step is kept anonymous. Private Window with Tor makes it extremely difficult for anyone to track your IP, giving you a truly private browsing experience. Incognito mode doesn’t hide your IP, but Brave’s Private Window with Tor does.

Brave’s Private Window with Tor - safely anonymous browsing

Brave gives you a truly private browsing experience, vastly improved over Chrome’s Incognito Mode. That is not the only improvement you will notice with Brave. You’ll find faster browsing speeds, better security, and a unique rewards system.

Does Private Browsing Hide Ip Address

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