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Take everything you know about rechargeable AA batteries and forget it. Eneloop cells are a game-changer in terms of real-world capacity, charge retention and voltage stability.


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The usual problem with rechargeable batteries is that they’re never charged when you need them. Whether you leave them in a drawer or in the equipment they’re powering, the “inconvenient truth” about conventional NiMH cells is that they have an embarrassingly high rate of self-discharge. In short - they go flat whether you use them or not! In 2005, Sanyo introduced a new battery technology and branded it Eneloop. Now in their fourth generation and sold under the Panasonic brand, Eneloop batteries lose only 10% of their charge in their first year, in contrast to ordinary rechargeables which can lose 20% of their charge after just one day!

Low self-discharge capability means you can use pre-charged Eneloop batteries immediately after purchase, just like a conventional battery. Even after five years in the cupboard, Eneloop batteries are good to go — something dry cells just can’t complete with. This makes Eneloop ideal for everyday appliances such as clocks, toys and remote controllers, as well as the torches and radios you tend to forget until an emergency.

  1. Panasonic eneloop AAA NiMH Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times. Pre-charged at the factory using power generated from solar energy and ready to use right out of the package. Holds up to 70% of their charge after 10-years of non-use. Recharge up to 2100 times.
  2. Eneloop 2100 cycle, Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable 16-Pack AAA Part# BK-4MCCA16BA eneloop Ni-MH “Low Self Discharge” batteries utilize Panasonic’s advanced rechargeable battery technology allowing them to be recharged up to 2100 times.
  3. Panasonic Eneloop AAA 16 Pack New 2100 Cycle 800 mAH AAA Pre-Charged Batteries 4 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Panasonic Eneloop AAA 16 Pack New 2100 Cycle 800 mAH AAA.

Ready to use after five years in storage


Another problem with standard batteries (rechargeable and alkaline) is that as their charge depletes, so does their output voltage. Bulbs become dimmer, motors run slower and things generally end up grinding to a halt. Not so with Eneloop - the output voltage is maintained at a constant level right up until just before complete discharge. Again, this ensures the longest possible running time.

1.5V is the nominal voltage for dry-cell batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries (such as Eneloop) have a nominal voltage of 1.2V. Dry-cell batteries have a slightly higher voltage than the actual working voltage required by the appliance. Though the NiMH battery voltage is 1.2V, it is able to provide similar performance to standard dry-cell batteries. Basically, almost all appliances that require a dry-cell battery can also use NiMH battery. Please be aware though of exceptional cases where only dry-cell batteries can be used.

Combining the performance and convenience of dry cells with the cost-efficiency of rechargeable batteries, Eneloop is the best choice for you and the environment. In more than 60 countries around the world, Eneloop batteries are changing a culture of waste into one that values efficiency and reusability. With Eneloop, you have the power to make the world a cleaner place without sacrificing performance, convenience, or value for money.

Now is the time to change to clean Eneloop energy

Although they might cost a little more than conventional dry cells, the initial premium pays off with big savings in the long run - Eneloop AA batteries can be reused up to 2,100 times!

Recharge up to 2,100 times and save real money

Unlike other batteries, Eneloop cells deliver excellent performance at 0°C and can even be used in temperatures as low as -20°C. For users living in a cold climate, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing or camping, there is simply no better-performing battery in cold conditions. Note: Operation in cold conditions will be shorter than that at room temperature regardless of appliance used.

Discharging characteristics at 0°C (500mA continuous discharge)

If nickel cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries are repeatedly charged before their stored energy is used up, the battery tends to “memorise” the altered, decreased lifecycle. When you next use the battery, its capacity thus decreases. Sometimes this causes equipment to shut down and the full capacity of the cell can no longer be obtained. This is called the “memory effect”. The nominal voltage of Eneloop is higher than that of conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries and even if the Eneloop cell is charged excessively, sufficient voltage is maintained and no memory effect occurs. You can recharge Eneloop batteries as required and never be afraid to “top-up”. There is no need to completely discharge the cell before recharging it, as you would normally try to do with ordinary rechargeables.

Charge your Eneloop batteries any time - they have no memory effect!

He doesn’t say much, but no Eneloop page seems complete without Eneloopy the dog


  1. Rechargeable cells with unique Sanyo-developed LSD (low self-discharge) design
  2. Eneloop batteries retain 90% of their charge after 1 year of storage at 20°C
  3. Always ready to go when you need them - no need to charge just before use
  4. Latest 4th generation Pro AA version has ultra-high 2550 mAh capacity
  5. No “memory effect” and operable at cold temperatures as low as -20°C

Battery Lineup

Information Chart

eneloopReady to use for multi useeneloop
proReady to use for professional use
liteReady to use for daily use
CapacityAAmin. 1900 mAh2500 mAh / min. 2450 mAh*1min. 950 mAh
AAAmin. 750 mAhmin. 930 mAh / min. 900 mAh*1min. 550 mAh
RechargeUp to 2,100 times*2Up to 500 times*3Up to 3,000 times*4
storagesRetains 70% capacity after ten years in storage*5Retains 85% capacity after one year in storage*5Retains 70% capacity after five years in storage*5
Recommemded Equipment
  • *1 Varies depending on region
  • *2 Battery life based on testing method estabilished by IEC 61951-2 2011( 600 times based on IEC 61951-2 2017 ( Varies according to conditions of use.
  • *3 Battery life based on testing method estabilished by IEC 61951-2 2011( 150 times based on IEC 61951-2 2017 ( Varies according to conditions of use.
  • *4 Battery life based on testing method estabilished by IEC 61951-2 2011( 1000 times based on IEC 61951-2 2017 ( Varies according to conditions of use.
  • *5 Capacity retention based on testing method established by IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2) when stored at 20 °C (based on Panasonic’s estimation) and compared with minimum capacity. Varies according to conditions of use.

Charger Lineup


Charging time:
1.5 hrs (2 AA)

Eneloop Aaa Rechargeable Batteries

Smart & Quick


Eneloop Aaaa



Eneloop Aaa Weight

Information Chart

Eneloop Aaa Costco

ProfessionalBQ-CC65Smart & QuickBQ-CC55Smart & QuickBQ-CC878 slotsBQ-CC63AdvancedBQ-CC75AdvancedBQ-CC17BasicBQ-CC51BasicBQ-CC61CompactBQ-CC50CompactBQ-CC80
eneloop AA1-2 : 1.5 h
3-4 : 3 h
1-2 : 1.5 h
3-4 : 3 h
1-2 : 2.25 h
3-4 : 4.5 h
1-8 : 5 h1-4 : 7 h1-4 : 7 h2 or 4 : 10 h2 or 4 : 10 h1 or 2 : 10 h2 : 10 h
eneloop pro AA1-2 : 2 h
3-4 : 4 h
1-2 : 2 h
3-4 : 4 h
1-2 : 3 h
3-4 : 6 h
1-8 : 6 h1-4 : 9 h1-4 : 9 h2 or 4 : 12 h-1 or 2 : 10 h-
Rapid charging
Charger BatteryAA x 1 to 4
AAA x 1 to 4
AA x 1 to 4
AAA x 1 to 4
AA x 1 to 4
AAA x 1 to 4
AA x 1 to 8
AAA x 1 to 8
AA x 1 to 4
AAA x 1 to 4
AA x 1 to 4
AAA x 1 to 4
AA x 2 or 4
AAA x 2 or 4
AA x 2 or 4
AAA x 2 or 4
AA x 1 to 2
AAA x 1 to 2
AA x 2
AAA x 2
Charge Contorol Systems

Smart charge

Smart charge

Smart charge