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GE Healthcare - Marquette MAC 5000
by GE Healthcare

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Combine this connectivity with the inherent performance of the MAC 5000 system and you've got the ultimate resting ECG system.

The MAC 5000 Resting ECG System delivers the advanced capabilities that only the industry's most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer. And it's part of our complete suite of networked, noninvasive testing solutions designed to maximize throughput and staff productivity.
The MAC 5000 provides the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications, while its ease of use extends this degree of performance to the broadest range of users possible.
Advanced algorithm capabilities include true, 12-lead ECG computer analysis and interpretation, P-wave signal averaging, late potential analysis, ACI-TIPI, and new Gender Specific criteria as part of 12SLTM, - for identification of arrhythmia.
The MAC 5000 system uniquely delivers seamless connectivity to the Catalyst MUSE® Cardiology Information System for data storage and retrieval of ECGs.

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2 years ago
2 years agouser manual
hii will thankful if some one can send me the user manual frensh of mac 5000Reply
2 years ago
2 years ago2 page printout
i have a GE MAC 5000 EKG machine. It works fine but at completion it always print TWO (2) pages. The first page has the 12 leads plus 3 chosen rhythm leads. The second page only has the rhythm strip from lead ll, lll, and AVF which is already on the first page. This wastes my EKG paper. Can anyone help me to edit the program so that it prints only the first pages? Please, helpReply


2 years ago
2 years agoWireless connectivity
Do GE MAC 5000s have wireless connectivity in the WLAN sense, or is it just RF? As in does it have a MAC address and IP or does it just use the RF/IR transferReply

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  • 12SL™ with adult and pediatric interpretive ECG analysis remains your most clinically valuable second opinion
  • QRS signal averaging program (Hi-Res)
  • The P-wave signal averaging program (PHi-Res™) features a patented templating algorithm which enhances measurement accuracy by maximizing signal fidelity
  • 15-lead acquisition, storage and analysis
  • Digital Compact Acquisition Module virtually eliminates non-cardiac electrical noise
  • Order Manager allows auto download of patient demographic data from the Catalyst MUSE® system
  • Optional Remote Query software facilitates immediate access to the complete ECG patient record


EKG/ECG TypeRest
Height3.7 in
Length 13.8 in
Weight15 lbs including battery without paper
Width15 in
Available Refurbished

Designed for high volume ECG environments, MAC 5500 offers a complete suite of advanced ECG Analysis programs. Combined with MobileLink wireless ECG workflow solutions, MAC 5500 helps you capture, analyze and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence.

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The MAC 5500 interpretive electrocardiograph with 12- or 15-lead analysis, full-sized paper format, alphanumeric keypad and standard monochrome waveform display. Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program for adult and pediatric interpretation. Options include data transmission, remote query, Hi-Res, PHi-Res, and color display. AC line or battery operation from NiMH battery.


  • ▣ Ethernet and wireless networking option saves time, reduces errors and maximizes charge capture
  • ▣ Hook-up advisor minimizes editing time and repeat ECG acquisitions
  • ▣ Single button operation for printing, storage and transmission
  • ▣ Bar code scanner helps reduce clerical errors
  • ▣ 12SL ECG Analysis program with Gender-Specific software
  • ▣ 15-Lead ECG Analysis
  • ▣ Risk stratification tools such as ACI-TIPI, Late Potential P-Wave Signal Averaging
  • ▣ Optional stress testing capabilities
  • All MAC 5500 ECG models include:
  • ▣ One set of banana connectors
  • ▣ One set of alligator clip adapters
  • ▣ Paper
  • ▣ Patient cable
  • ▣ Patient lead-wires
  • ▣ Power cord
  • ▣ Operator's manual
  • ▣ Field service manual
  • ▣ Resting ECG physician's guide
Marquette Hookup Advisor indicates lead signal quality by quickly reviewing ECG waveform for signs and causes of artifact.

Marquette 12SL with Gender-Specific interpretation makes detecting acute myocardial infarction (MI) in women easier, even for occasional readers.

Marquette 12SL with ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument)* considers patient's age, gender, chief complaint and ECG measurements to generate a score for predicting acute cardiac ischemia. This additional triage information is especially important for patients with chest pain.

Simultaneous 15-lead acquisition, storage and assessment offers more ST measurements to facilitate prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior MI.


P-Wave Signal Averaging* features a patented templating algorithm to enhance P-wave measurement accuracy for atrial arrhythmia assessment.

Ge Marquette Mac 8 Ekg 12 Lead Ecg Interpretive Manual Pdf

Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis* is a non-invasive alternative to complicated invasive testing for ventricular arrhythmia.

Enhanced Pacemaker-Detection Software improves sensitivity to electronically paced hearts.

Serial ECG Comparisons via seamless integration with the MUSE cardiology information system permits analysis of short- and long-term changes in patient's ECG.

*Available as an option

Ekg Interpretation

GE / Marquette MAC 5500 EKG Machine
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