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12 Volt to 72 Volt

Golf cart battery chargers club car

We specialize in golf cart battery chargers from 12 volt to 72 volt, including a reliable 42 volt unit for Western and other carts. We also supply golf cart maintainers, battery pack desulfators, and other charger related items, like charger plugs (connectors), and cart receptacles. We have moderate duty to heavy duty chargers, meaning lower amp output to fairly heavy amp out microprocessor controlled chargers, all made in the USA, with a 3 year warranty. Please let the use of the cart determine charger amp rate, not the price of the charger alone. You can shop by cart make, or charger voltage and connector. If you have questions, give us a call. We also have generic onboard chargers available in all cart voltages, should you desire to go that route.

When you need a golf cart battery charger, you can choose a new or preowned unit from the many listed on eBay. How do you calculate the golf carts voltage? Club cars come in 24-volt, 36-volt, 42-volt, or 48-volt models. STAR Golf Cart Battery Chargers. We carry several lines of battery chargers for the STAR golf carts. All are USA made, and have a 3 year warranty.Our chargers are the latest, microprocessor controlled units, with maintenance modes for maintaining your cart for days, weeks,. An Explanation of why your golf cart battery charger won't charge dead batteries. We receive many calls at our shop from people who can not get their battery. Getting your golf cart ready for winter storage If you stop using your golf cart in the winter, there are a few things you need. Determine if the battery charger is at fault. Did you know that most modern battery chargers will not. In order for your EZGO golf cart to operate efficiently and safely, you need to have strong and healthy EZ-GO golf cart batteries! And in order to have strong and healthy batteries, that operate at 'peak' performance, you need to keep them charged and properly maintained by using a high quality EZ-GO Golf Cart Battery Charger.


Golf Cart Battery Charger Not Working

Charger Manufacturers

Accurate pulse oximeter. There are several charger manufacturers we use - Dual Pro (Pro Charging Systems), DPI (Diversified Power International), and Quick Charge, all US manufacturers. There are some similar amp out chargers among the three, and some unique offerings for specific purposes. They all are excellent quality chargers. Our golf cart Maintainers are provided by Schauer, and are the only import chargers on the site, excellent quality and 2 year warranty. We ship all over the country, and it doesn't pay to have troublesome warranty issues. Any electronic or electrical item will have a failure rate. Ours are less than 1%. That's 1 charger out of a hundred. We have discontinued carrying some popular imported chargers, that have an attractive price, as the failure rate was significantly higher than 1%, at times approaching 50%. Totally unacceptable. Another reason we deal with the manufacturers that we do, is that, when there is an infrequent warranty issue, the manufacturer is easy to contact, and they satisfy the customer, professionally and quickly.

Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Charger

DC Connectors

Golf cart chargers use different DC connectors (plugs) going into the cart, depending on things such as year of the cart, make of the cart (EZ-GO, ClubCar, Yamaha, etc.), and voltage of the cart (24, 36, 48 volts). The chargers themselves may be the same from application to application, but the connectors are peculiar, and obviously must match your cart. So, please be sure to check the pictures and description of the connector, not just relying on what year you were told your cart is. If your cart isn't listed as a selection, but the same or similar charger output is listed, with the same connector you have, the charger should work. Just call and we will go over it with you. By the way, the round STAR cart connectors, while appearing the same as the 48 volt ClubCar round connector, are different, and do NOT interchange.

Charger Maintenance Mode

All of our chargers have a maintenance mode at the end of the charge cycle. This keeps the batteries up for a day, week, month, etc., compensating for the internal discharge all lead acid batteries experience, whether they are being used or not. Leaving lead acid batteries unmaintained for months leads to sulfation and reduced battery life and run time. More on that subject in another section. A lot of original chargers do not have this maintenance mode, and simply charge and shut off. If the cart and charger are used all the time, year round, not a problem. If it sits for any length of time, this situation should be addressed. It can be done with a new maintenance mode charger, like one of ours, or one of our golf cart maintainers built specifically for this purpose, only in 36 and 48 volt at the present.

So, take a look at our offerings, and see what works for you. As always, we have a tech line for any questions you may have, so you can feel comfortable about your choices or options.

Golf Cart Battery Chargers 48 Volt