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This book - which put Liverpool on the paranormal map - is about ghosts - whatever they are. Firefox docker x11.

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Author: Tom Slemen

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Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1494789124


Page: 292


Haunted Empire Pdf Free Download Torrent

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This book - which put Liverpool on the paranormal map - is about ghosts - whatever they are. Every culture has believed in ghosts at one time or another: Buddha trained himself to overcome fear by sitting in a haunted cemetery. Spooky tales are not just a contemporary phenomenon - there are several ghosts mentioned in the Old Testament. In the course of a person's lifetime, the chances of encountering a ghost are suprisingly high. Many of the stories within this book originated from the numerous letters and telephone calls Tom Slemen received from readers of his weekly newspaper column about local mysteries and also from listeners to his many radio programmes about the paranormal. The tremendous response from the public is confirmation of a widespread fascination with the paranormal. In Haunted Liverpool, take a spine-chilling journey along city's streets and meet Spring-Heeled Jack, the Penny Lane Poltergeist, Bernie with the broken neck, the Grey Lady of Grove Street and many other spooky characters and unearthly beings.