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This will make you cringe

We know she's absolutely gorgeous, John, but you still can't grab a lady's waist like that without asking! Even if they were very close friends, this is still a very cringe-worthy photo, especially after seeing the blank expression on Johansson's face. Maybe she wasn't surprised and knew this was happening; maybe she chose not to react. If you think India is the land of the cuisines of the royals which has luxurious inclusions like Biryanis, Kebabs, Curries and Chutneys, you will be surprised to know that here silk worm pupas are relished as much as Shahi Tukra and rotten potatoes are treated with as much respect as Kesariya Pulao. Have a look at some of the most coveted bizarre dishes that the people here love to indulge in. Download mylio.

Now and then we look on the Internet for something funny, something that will make us laugh, some videos that will make our day more positive. Usually, the videos that make us laugh the most are the epic fail videos. Oh, we think they are hilarious.
Because it's Friday, we want to show you a compilation of 18 epic fails that will make you laugh out loud! This video is hilarious! Check it out and don't hold back from bursting into a laugh!

Songs That Will Make You Cringe

People who are prone to sympathy pain might want to look away because these are eighteen of the most epic falls of all time! And the people in these videos are looking like they are in a world full of hurt! Here come some of the best hard hits, slips, and crashes that the internet has to offer.

The first epic fails the best man falling into the water while trying to take a video of the bride and groom. Wow, that will be one of the highlights on the wedding for sure! We have another man falling into the water by slipping on a rock, and you have to admit that is pretty funny!
The best way to celebrate a won ping pong match is by falling from a chair, on the chair. We have a lot of them; actually, people don't quite understand that chairs are for sitting, not standing on them, or dancing on them.

Memes that will make you cringe

We have people falling from the stairs, kids falling from the stairs, trees falling on people, people falling from bars, being thrown by horses, bridesmaids fighting for the bouquet, you name it we have it in our compilation, and each of them is hilarious!

And what about the goat in the end? Well, we must admit that one made us shriek like crazy! What an amusing and silly compilation. Did it make you laugh? What was your favorite fail? But, don't worry we have a lot more epic fails for you to make your day even better!

Check out this epic AquaSkipper face plant fail that is so humorous!

The Aqua Skipper is a strange device that propels the rider across the surface of the water using a well-timed jumping motion. The rhythm must be perfect, or the rider comes to a sudden stop. This 3-second ride ended in an over-the-handlebars face plant. Our less than coordinated hopeful comes up with a look of triumph though, and you can tell he did better than he expected. A 'glass half full' kind of guy, you have to admire his optimism!

However, people are not the only ones who make epic fails; we have some animals with some hilarious fails! For example, this jumping kitten results in truly epic fail. Pumba, the 4-month-old kitten, has lots of ambition but not enough strength to jump to the railing! Epic fail!

Jokes That Will Make You Cringe

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