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  • The cool thing about sewing practice sheets is that you can just print over and over to your hearts content! I’ve created 4 sewing practice sheets for the beginner that gradually advance in difficulty. Skip down to the end of this post for the full pdf download or print as images by clicking each sheet below.
  • Istic thinking also leads people to better define their targets and create a plan for achieving those targets. Through realistic thinking, it is possible to create a concrete foundation upon which ideas can be built upon. To improve one’s realistic thinking abilities, Maxwell suggests five tips: 1. Develop an appreciation for truth.
A new year brings a fresh start to reinvent yourself and a newfound appreciation for having a clean slate.
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Get a head start on all your New Year’s resolutions by tackling these 10 free eBooks. Your promise to self-improvement is not something that should be pushed to the back burner because life gets in the way. It’s up to you to make 2017 your best year yet.

Jumpstart Your Thinking PDF Free Download

Out of thousands of content pieces, we hand-picked 10 that are the best of the best. Learn how to stick to your resolutions, make positive changes, discover travel hacks, unleash your creativity, maximize your productivity, live stress-free, and set and stick to the goals that matter to you.

It’s time to take action to becoming the person you know you can be.

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New Year’s Resolution Guidebook

Jumpstart Your Thinking PDF Free Download

Ninety-two percent of people fail at their New Year’s resolutions every year. This guidebook contains everything you need to stick to your plan. When it comes to real substantial changes to your life, there is no substitute for action.

12 Months to a Better Career

Use this quick, visual checklist to help you achieve a better career. Who says small changes can't make a huge difference? Follow this simple checklist to make positive developments in your life.

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20 Travel Hacking Strategies to Help You Travel the World and Spend Less

Find out how to spend less money traveling than you spend staying at home. You'd be surprised by how inexpensive traveling can be once you learn these strategies. Get ready to pack your bags.

The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Ideas

If you don't have new ideas, what do you have? Follow this guide to seek creation, break the rules, bring solutions to your problem areas, and grab people's attention. You have it in you to generate infinite ideas. All you need is a path to follow…

Jumpstart Your Thinking Pdf Free Download Free

How to Gain an Extra Day Each Week

Learn how to gain an extra 10-hour workday each week so you can generate more time for the things that matter most with these science-based strategies.
Get your free copy here

16 Ways to De-stress Your Life

Odds are you felt stressed at some point during the last couple weeks. Don’t miss these 16 tips to lighten the load you place on yourself.

Join the Morning Club

If you value learning and seeking better solutions to old problems then the Morning Club is for you. Learn how to create extraordinary results while the rest of the world sleeps. Are you ready to maximize your productivity?

12 Step Goal-Setting Guide

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Explore the countless benefits of developing a greater sense of self while accomplishing your goals. This guide will help you achieve personal and business goals faster and easier than ever imagined.

101 Ways to Break Out of a Creative Rut

Any creative process can be a challenge. Take these simple and unique ideas to pull you out of your rut. With this guide, you’ll never lose hope.

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How Do I Set Goals That Work?

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Goal setting isn't the tricky part. It's achieving your goals where people have the most trouble. Don't be somebody who doesn't take action and then complains nothing has changed. It's time to stop creating excuses and instead be on your way to success.