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NCAA Football 08 Preview

NCAA Football 08 for PlayStation 2 cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. Ncaa football 08 xbox 360. Condition is 'Good'. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. When the NCAA Football 08 official demo hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, I couldn’t help but deem it the “night before Thanksgiving.” If you’re not familiar with the night before Thanksgiving as a holiday, it’s largely considered, yet often debated, the biggest bar night of the year.

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Happy Holidays: Impressions onthe NCAA Football 08 Demo
When the marketing wizards at gaming giant EA Sports coined the termMaddenoliday to represent that special Tuesday in August when the latest versionof Madden hit, it instantly became the Christmas Day of sports gaming. Madden comes with all of the tradition, pageantry and, frankly, thecommercial exposure that we’ve become so use to during the real Christmasseason.
So with Maddenoliday being officially marked Christmas, it’s only fair to callthe release of NCAA Football, EA Sports other football juggernaut,Thanksgiving. The similarities are pretty startling. It’s a month beforeChristmas. You wait for it with great anticipation. You fill yourself withgoodness. Then you plop your butt down in front of the TV for four days never tosee the light of day till Monday. Sounds like NCAA to me!
With our metaphor firmly intact, we celebrated one of the great unknown holidaysand traditions this morning at 5:00a EST. When the NCAA Football 08official demo hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, I couldn’t help but deem it the“night before Thanksgiving.” If you’re not familiar with the night beforeThanksgiving as a holiday, it’s largely considered, yet often debated, thebiggest bar night of the year. With pretty much every person in the free worldoff work on Thanksgiving Day, save those poor souls at the Butterball hotline,that Wednesday night is spent by millions of people giving thanks to hops andbarley at their favorite watering hole.
After a shockingly quick download this morning, I bellied up to the bar for myfirst sip of the NCAA demo. Needless to say, I was already smiling when I sawthat they had my favorite libation on tap in the form of my beloved MichiganWolverines. Instead of going with a fierce rivalry like last year’s demo(Florida/Florida State for those with a short memory), EA decided instead to gowith a preview of this upcoming year’s National Championship game – or thereplay of a blowout of a bowl game from last season depending on how you chooseto look at it. Needless to say, I chose the former.
The game takes place in lovely Southern California and is limited to just twominute quarters on a skill level that I am guessing would is Varsity. Brad,Herbie and The Coach have been given the day off, leaving you with noplay-by-play, intro or really much atmosphere outside of the basic sounds of thegame and the roar of the crowd. It’s a pure gameplay demo and I for one couldn’task for more.
After just under five full eight minute games on the controller, I decided toshare with you my take on this sampling of NCAA 08. Before I get intowhat worked and what didn’t work for me, I ask you to keep in mind a fewimportant things. First and foremost, this isn’t a review. For me to review thisgame based on what I was able to play so far would be like Roger Ebert throwingout that directional thumb after watching a movie trailer. We don’t know whenthis demo was pulled from or how it’s going to compare to the final retailversion that we’ll all be sucking down next week.
And, perhaps more importantly, this is, and only can be, based on my experience.Your experience with the demo could have been very different. Heck, myexperience the next time I fire it up may be different. If I didn’t seesomething in my first five games, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It means Ididn’t see it.
If we’re all on the same page with that, then away we go.
Frame rate – Anyone who doesn’t believe that the jump from 30fps (framesper second) to 60 fps will make a huge difference, hasn’t seen this game yet. Itmoves and feels like a completely different game. I defy anyone to throw in lastyear’s game, play for two minutes and then switch to the demo and tell me thereisn’t a difference.
Animations – Although I saw the same celebratory animation about 100times in five games, the animations themselves are so clean and crisp in thisyear’s game it blurs the line between gaming and reality. I saw a heapinghandful of new animations throughout my run this morning and was blown away bythe fluidity from one to the next. Where I think I found myself beaming the mostduring my session was when I picked off successive passes in the endzone, bothof which I returned for 100 yard TDs. Now, don’t get me wrong, the fact that ithappened falls into my “BAD” section (see below), but it’s what I saw that mademe smile. On the first play, Shawn Crable (LB #2) picked off John David Booty onthe goal line and rumbled up the left sideline for the TD. The key to thisstatement is rumbled. Crable, who is 6’5” and 250 pounds, didn’t sprint up thesideline in a smooth runners stride. He ran like a linebacker, almost awkward inappearance, before being caught on the three yard line by a speedy wide receiverthat he dragged into the endzone. A pass interference call negated that play,but on the next snap, Stevie Brown (SS #3) made nearly the same exact play, butinstead of rolling down the field like a freight train, the 6’0” and 195 poundBrown, ran with a much smoother gate and actually pulled away from the USC squadthat was giving chase. Nice touch!
Graphics – The best way I can describe the difference between NCAAFootball 07 and what I saw on the demo is like watching standard definitionand then making the switch to HD. I thought last year’s game looked good, but itis apples and oranges to what I’ve seen already. This game just looks pretty.It’s crisp and bright and looks like a football game. Beautiful.
QB Pocket AI – While I don’t make it a habit to attempt to bug test gamesor seek out exploits, I don’t think you can play a football game and not atleast see how the AI reacts to the two Granddaddies of EA exploits – the 20 yarddropback and the rollout/crossing pattern. Anytime I tried to take Chad Henne (QB#7) significantly deeper than his three to five step drop, there was a defensiveend burying him into the turf. In the past, it almost looked like the End’sprogramming was to initiate contact with the Tackle at the snap, then attempt toget to the QB. What I saw this morning was the DE with one priority, getdirectly to the QB. If I dropped back ten yards directly on the snap, whichallowed the End to take a direct route to me without ever engaging with thetackle. A huge step forward as far as I’m concerned.
In terms of the dreaded rollout and crossing pattern, I’d be lying if I said Icouldn’t still hit it on occasion (which is realistic), but I saw twosignificant changes. First, the QB can’t get outside the tackle box as quicklyas he could in year’s past. Now, granted, I’m using Henne and Booty, guys notknown to tear up the track. And second, I saw a lot more bad throws when eithertrying to throw on the run or simply trying to throw when the QB was not set-upproperly. I overthrew, I threw them in the dirt, I was all over the road. Andwhen I did get a crisp pass off, the coverage AI did a much better job ofdefending the crossing receiver than we saw in 07.
Gang Tackling AI – I know gang tackling is, and has been, one of thenumber one priorities for NCAA gamers over the past few years. Let me start outby saying that it’s definitely in the game. Furthermore, it’s downrightbone-jarring at times. It could have very easily landed on the “GOOD” list, butI have one pretty significant issue that stood out to me through my first fivegames. EA’s take on gang tackling is more about guys finishing tackles or evencleaning up tackles than anything else. When the user is on offense, you see theAI initiate and finish tackles with a very logical, fluid and even vicious feel.However, when the user is on defense, I noticed, in my experience, a small holein the AI. When an AI defender initiates a tackle, it’s very easy for me to comein with a user controlled player and clean it up. Works perfectly.Unfortunately, in my experience, when the roles are reversed, and I initiate atackle with my user controlled player, the AI stands around and watches thetackle attempt and only makes an attempt on the ball carrier if he breaks free.
Injuries – Might be just this build. Might be the skill level. In allfive games I played I saw at least three significant injuries. In fact, on thevery first snap of my first game, Mike Hart was sidelined for nine weeks withbroken ribs.
Endzone Passing AI – I wasn’t sure exactly what to call this because Idon’t know what causes it. My best guess is that it has something to do with theendzone being the end of the field. AI Quarterbacks still, they did it last yeartoo, under throw a huge percentage of passes to the endzone. In five games, Ipicked off six passes in the endzone on under thrown balls to open receivers. Atleast four more passes could have been picked but were dropped by the corner.It’s like the AI QB’s do not have the ability to properly use the back of theendzone.
Sideline Goons – I don’t exactly know what is happening on the sidelines,but the players standing over there are almost creepy looking. They almost looklike 20’s and 30’s style football players with the tight leather helmets. I’mnot a guy who needs an ultra-realistic sideline, but those dudes are ugly.
There are still a lot of unknowns with the demo. We didn’t get a full taste ofthe atmosphere with the absence of the play-by-play team. I did notice a PontiacGame Changing Performance replay at the end of the game. I’m assuming that thatis going to be a “Play of the Game” feature which is a nice addition. With thelimited demo, you could not go in and access replays or the in-game photos thatwere taken. I was happy to see that the auto-photo option does seem to flowpretty nicely with the game and is not a distraction at all. Right now my photoalbum would be backed with a lot of pictures of my punter.
When all is said and done, the NCAA Football 08 demo is probably less ofan event or holiday in itself, and more of an hors d'oeuvre. As much as I love agood bar night like the night before Thanksgiving, maybe it’s more like theveggie tray or the deviled egg before Grandma puts the Thanksgiving bird on thetable. Just enough tasty vittles to wet your appetite and leave you wantingmore. Whatever it is, it’s got my stomach growling and ready to dig into themain course.
Pass the cranberry sauce.

Recruiting in NCAA Football 08

Ncaa Football 08 Recruiting Tips

The dynasty mode in NCAA is the meat of the game. It's all about knowing how to run your team, picking the right playbook, and executing. The best way to be able to do all of these things at the highest level is having the right personel on your team. In NCAA '08, EA has made recruiting a new focus, and it's more real this year than ever.

Ncaa Football 08

After reading another recruiting piece on the site, I felt like I should write my own version. I couldn't help but notice a lot of generalizations and inconsistencies in the other piece. Recruiting in this year's game is much different than previous games. As many of you know, many last-gen gamers researched the recruiting in-depth. This involved exploring the game disc using a PC and many, many hours of recruiting. Those who did these studies found something interesting - all of the recruits in the previous games had a preset range of 10-14 schools that they would attend. Only 3 or 4 of these schools actually had a real chance at a player. A person recruiting could find the prospects most importand pitch in the first week and sit on it for 5 weeks, but if the prospect didn't have that player's school in their initial list, it was a fruitless venture.

Now EA has revamped the recruiting to make it more realistic. As a former recruited college athlete, I can tell you that they got the system right. Players now have brains and personalities of their own. They can be persuaded, but they can also be insulted. They have real wants and needs, but those wants and needs can be compromised if they are given a reason to do so. With that, I'll impart some general recruiting advice my brother and I have found after a couple seasons in our dynasty, and many hours 'practice recruiting.' I'll preempt this by saying that in our dynasty we used Baylor (me) and UL-Lafayette (my bro). Obviously these are schools (especially ULL) that aren't power houses. They have some high points, but mostly have to use their few strengths and strategy to suceed in the 'other season.'

The first thing to know with recruiting is the strengths of your school. Of course schools like USC, Ohio State, LSU, or Florida are going to be easy to recruit with. You'll basically be able to use any pitch, because all of these schools rates high in each area. When one starts to recruit with lower tier teams, strategy really comes into play. The first thing to take note of is the players you need. This is displayed at the 'My School' tab. It will be written across the bottom of the screen. Go after these players first. Don't be afraid to go after prospects that seem out of your league, as long as they haven't narrowed their possible schools down too far. But make sure if you go after a guy that may be a struggle, have a couple of back-up possibilities. Endless space 2 vaulters ship design. So if you're a 2 star ULL team and you're going after a 5 star wideout, make sure you have a couple 2, or 3 stars in your pocket.

OK, so you've determined your needs. Now use the prospect search to find the guys you need. Make sure to use the sort feature. Sort by interest, caliber, or whatever you feel like. Check a guy's skills. He may be a 2 star, but with A+ awareness. This is a guy you want. He'll improve faster and learn more quickly throughout the season. Also, check out your playbooks, both offense and defense. If you run a 3-4, you don't want big, bulky outside linebackers or slim athletic D-tackles. The same thing goes for your offense. If you air the ball out 40 times a game, that 5-star scrambling QB with 68 throw power isn't going to cut it. When you've found the players you need, check your depth chart. Have a senior at a position? Recruit a guy there. Reload, don't replace. You'll be a lot better off with an average guy with a year or two experience than a green recruit.


Ncaa Football 08 Video Game

Now that you've found your targets, rank them accordingly. Players know this, to a certain degree. If you have three HB's on your board, the lowest ranked HB is going to be harder to talk to, especially if he's rated on the same tier as the other HBs. If he's a 2-star and the others are 4-stars, it won't be a big deal. Rank the guys you NEED near the top. When I recruit, I set up my top 10, my brother does a top 15. These are the guys you are putting all of your time into. Make sure that you call your top 15 as much as possible. Another writer said that if you're #1 on a guy's list, don't call him. This is not good advice. Imagine if you were a recruit. You are being recruited by many teams, and you've rated Florida your top school. All of a sudden Florida doesn't call you that week, but they call another player at your position. It's going to affect your interest, maybe make you think Florida isn't as interested as they made it seem.

Like I said, recruits have brains. When you talk to them about topics, put yourself in the coaches shoes. Take a good look at the factors. Where is he from? What position does he play and do you need him? Does he fit your 'mold' for your system? What are his skills (ratings)? All of these things play a part. His interests also coincide. A player looking to play in a big conference is also going to want TV exposure. A guy interested in coach prestige will also want a program with tradition. When you find a pitch a recruit is interested in, think what may be related to it.

When it's time to call recruits, look into a few things. First, look at the other schools he's considering. Even if your school is great in athletic facilities, if you're competing against Michigan, your facilities (though great) don't stand a chance, and the recruit knows that. Stay with where you're strong, both on your own and against other schools. My brother landed a 5-star MLB with ULL by concentrating on something else none of the other schools chasing him could offer - early playing time. Coupled with his 'good' television exposure, these two pitches and a promise of playing early sealed the deal. Also, use the pitches with Most and Very High importance when you find them. You can use these to change a recruits mood from bad to good, or just to reasure him of something. Hard selling these pitches works, and will increase interest. Try to sway pitches only when the recruit it happy. Sometime the sway may fail, but if it doesn't lock you'll have a chance to sway again the next week. Don't sway any pitch that is high. It won't go any higher. Mood will usually go down when you try to sway a High interest pitch, and sometimes may decrease interest in the pitch

Which brings me to promises. Use them, but don't abuse them. You may get greedy, and make promises to a player you have little chance of fulfilling. This is going to hurt you more than not getting the player. You'll compromise your coach integrity, your promises will have a much lesser effect in the future, and you've basically taken away that strong point of your recruiting.

Recruiting is a constant. Don't just add your thirty-five players in the preseason and go from there. Keep an eye on your list. If a guy with low interest narrows his schools down and you're not in there, drop him and find a replacement. Move guys up and down depending on signings or needs. Say you get into the season and your Junior HB who's rated 87 overall can't hold onto the ball, or your Sophomore QB savior can't get rid of the ball. Adapt to these things. Look for a HB that fits, or a QB who can get the job done.

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Hopefully with this recruting aid you'll be able to build the championship team you've been working for. Any contributions are great. Have a great weekend.

Ncaa Football 08 Rosters