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  1. At one point Topper calls John B. A Pogue, and even though John B. Self-identifies as one, the context changes when a Kook says it. This leads to a brutal fight on the beach, and these tensions.
  2. Netflix hit Outer Banks is a runaway success, and not just for the gripping story and sexy summer romance. Here, the costume designer unpacks John B's style and why the show's Hawaiian shirts will.
Irish Pogue's
  • A kiss.


Late 17th century; earliest use found in Purgatorium Hibernicum. From Irish póg kiss (Early Irish póc) from the British base of Old Cornish poc- (in the compounds impoc and poccuil), Middle Breton pocq kiss (Breton pok) from post-classical Latin pac-, pax kiss of peace, specifically use of classical Latin pāx peace.

Main definitions of pogue in English

: pogue1pogue2pogue3



slang, rare
  • A bag, purse, or wallet. Hence, by metonymy: money, takings.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in James Vaux (1782–c1841). Origin uncertain. Perhaps a variant of poke. A connection with pough seems less likely.


military slang, derogatory US

Pogue Yahoo

  • 1A (young) homosexual man, especially one who is the passive partner in a sexual relationship.

  • 2A non-combatant soldier, especially one who is assigned administrative and supply duties.


Pogue' S Basics: Money Pdf free. download full

Early 20th century; earliest use found in United States Navy Court of Inquiry. Origin unknown.


Pogue Life

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The Old Pogue Distillery is located on the same grounds where the historic H.E. Pogue Distillery was located and drew its water. The Pogue Family owns the distillery today and proudly produce small batch Rye and Bourbon whisky using the same ingredient combinations and methods found in the recipes of their ancestors. The distillers, Paul Pogue and John Pogue, are fifth and sixth generation Pogues, respectively. The Old Pogue property includes the historic home of the Pogue family and an artisan distillery, complete with tasting room, grain holding, and barrel storage. The venue sits on the southern bluff of the Ohio River Valley with eastwardly views of the Simon Kenton Bridge and Ohio River.

Pogue Chevrolet

We are a short drive from charming Maysville, KY, known as the “birthplace of bourbon.” Indeed, today we still enjoy this area’s unique supply of local grains that has served the family’s operations since the beginning of the original distillery in 1876. We invite you to schedule an appointment to tour the distillery and sample our spirits, as well as purchase spirits and merchandise.