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More than a billion people in the developing world remain in extreme poverty and outside the formal economy. Traditional CSR programs have done little to alleviate the situation and rarely produce transformative change.

Profitable Growth Is Everyone' S Business Pdf Free Download Free

Instead of trying to fix local problems, the authors argue, corporations need to reimagine the regional ecosystems in which they participate. They should search for systemic, multisector opportunities; mobilize complementary partners; and obtain seed and scale-up financing from organizations with a mission to alleviate poverty. Haworth zody task chair specifications. They should also align the various stakeholders around the new strategy, using proven tools such as a co-created strategy map.


These principles are informed by the authors’ experience with several successful inclusive-growth projects. An initiative in Uganda is bringing small maize farmers into the mainstream regional economy, while a training program in El Salvador is giving unemployed youths the skills to work in the country’s growing service sector.

I don't have one yet. Still working that out!

I am certainly monitoring this thread with a lot of interest.

My approaches and results so far:

- Email marketing. This was done by identifying businesses in the local area (roughly 1,000 of them) and just churning through contacting them, ideally with the name of the owner sourced from their website. Result: literally not a single response or conversion.

- Posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with tutorials, news, offers about my product every 3 days. Result: also zero. I should note that I have never had a social account before this, so I have no existing networks of friends and family to rely on.

- Talking about my product on Hackernews. Result: hundreds of page views and 4 free trial signups. Nice! Finally something.

- Reddit posts: tens of page views, no signups, so far as I can tell.

I have a few more routes, like paid for advertising, but I am honestly trying to do this all at a cost as close to 0 as possible (FWIW, I'm paying about £10 a month for my VPS and Cloudflare workers, that's it)

Profitable Growth Is Everyone' S Business Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The product is a static website builder that's supposed to be much easier to use than WordPress, mostly cheaper and also super usable on mobile (which is rare I believe).

Profitable Growth Is Everyone' S Business Pdf Free Download Torrent if you're curious, and apologies for the self promotion.