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Sensor Systems Lab
In the Sensor Systems Laboratory we invent new sensor systems, devise innovative ways to power and communicate with them, and develop algorithms for using them. Our research has applications in the domains of ubiquitous computing, bioelectronics, and robotics. We have developed a series of pre-touch sensors for robot manipulation. The sensors allow the fingers to detect an object before contact. Proximity information is provided in the local coordinate frame of the fingers, eliminating errors that arise when sensors and actuators are in different frames. In addition to developing the sensors themselves, we are interested in algorithms for estimation, control, and manipulation that make use of the novel sensors. Our primary robotics research platform is our lab's dedicated PR2 robot; we replace the PR2's fingers with our own custom fingers, so that they can be used like sensors native to the PR2. We have worked on robot chess, a robot that solves the rubik's cube, and we have an increasing interest in robots that play games with people.
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