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Leo Felix is a young man whose life became miserable at the age of five. He grows up as a gambler… full of anger, grief, vengeance and regrets─ his life is in darkness. He’s forced to attend the music school where he bumps into a girl and fall for her on first sight. He is not alone… there is a tough rival after the girl too. He is..


My Bodyguard

Grace Gervas Romance


The forbidden is always irresistible. Being married to a powerful businessman, feared all-over Portland, Mia Kingston has a reputation to uphold. Her life is filled with glamour from the outside, but quite a void she doesn't discern until she falls deeply into her desire for true love and freedom when she gets involved with the man she isn't..

3The Bestseller Code PDF Free Download

The Secret Cave

Ruth Reins Sci-fi Fantasy


A compelling time travelling romance novel. Shirley meets, falls in love and marries Jeffrey. Shirley however, has a secret will Jeffrey discover it? He becomes very suspicious of her strange behaviour and comings and goings. Thinking she is having an affair he follows her to The Secret Cave. This is an emotional and exciting Science fiction tale..


When I grow up!

Joanna Abdul Rahman Educational


In this story, Joanna will tell her friends, what she wants to be when she grows up and encourage them to also think about that!


The Bestseller Code Pdf Free Download Free

Special Lustgarten Foundation Edition - Surviving Cancer and Embracing Life: My Personal Journey

Joel R. Evans Health


This special edition, fully updated, is dedicated to the Lustgarten Foundation. Thanks to president Kerri Kaplan for the wonderful forward to the book. Surviving Cancer and Embracing Life includes..


Mighty Nostromo

Michel Poulin Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 2324 C.E. Tina Forster and her mighty giant cargo ship KOSTROMA are busy carrying heavy and ultra-large cargo loads between the Solar System and the new Human colonies established in other star systems close to our system. Carrying complete city-sized structures at a time, the KOSTROMA is in high demand in the interstellar..



Michel Poulin Sci-fi Fantasy


Nancy Dow is a hauntingly beautiful teenage girl who wants to become a musician and singer and who is studying the arts, first in Arlington, Virginia, then in New York City. She appears to be seventeen or eighteen, but in reality is only thirteen. Nancy also happens to be half-human and half-angel and possesses a number of fantastic powers. ..


Bestsellers To Read For Free

Always and Forever

S Lucy RomanceLg tv and iphone.


The most unexpected thing that can happen in life is LOVE. We don’t have control over with whom it happens. When Alin and Sebian walk together on the road named LOVE, will their destination be as beautiful as they have imagined or will it be the journey that will be worth remembering.


Lost in Transition

Jerry J Weis Sci-fi Fantasy


This bunch of bickering teens isn't what Joan Sinclaire wanted for her first command. Nor is serving drinks aboard the Union's new teleporting ship her idea of a real mission. But all that changes when a routine test run turns into a deadly ambush, stranding the vessel in an alien dimension. Now this rookie crew faces a gauntlet of crazy..


The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven

Peter Gray Horror-Gothic


Sela is assigned to be a private gardener for Theodore 'Teddy' Woven's ancestral home. The young gardener soon finds her presence unwelcome as she slowly uncovers the truth about his family’s past. The greatest mystery of all lies not in the house, but with its owner.

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