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A power behind his words found only in the most celebrated of spiritual teachers. By living from the depths of this Greater Reality, Eckhart clears an energetic pathway for others to join him. And what if others do? Surely the world as we know it would change for the better. Jul 5, 2019 - Hi and Welcom to my blog. Hope you will enjoy it! Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience. Tag: The Power of a Positive No Download PDF. The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes (Book Review) 17 mins read. What’s in it for me? Discover the power of an affirmative “no.” The word no is powerful. The Power Of A Positive No By William Ury free download - Positive Affirmations - Power of Positive Thinking, Mind Power Secrets - Positive Affirmations Audio, emPower Positive Radio, and many.


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In The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale says there is no problem or obstacle you can’t overcome with faith, positive thinking, and prayer. The book outlines the practical techniques of applied Christianity to help you take control of the events in your life rather than be directed by them. By applying these methods, you can enjoy better relationships, a greater sense of well-being, robust health and energy, and a stronger sense of purpose in the world. You’ll learn to believe in yourself, harness the power you need to reach your goals, and live a fulfilling life.


The Power Of A Positive No PDF Free Download

Prayer is a manifestation of energy, and there are ways to release spiritual energy through the mechanism of prayer. Prayer power can slow down the aging process, helping you keep youthful energy as you age. Prayer can help keep your spirits up, send you out each morning refreshed and renewed, guide you in solving problems, help you react properly to situations around you, and release power and keep power flowing freely.

Decide to Be Happy

The power of a positive no pdf free download free

We create our own happiness in this life. Happiness is achievable for us if we apply the right formula. One way of choosing happiness is to cultivate the habit of being happy. When you develop the happiness habit, life becomes more enjoyable every day. Because habits are something you can cultivate, you have the power to create your own happiness.

You develop the happiness habit by thinking happy thoughts. Make a mental list of happy thoughts and run them through your mind throughout the day. If an unhappy thought pops in, eject it by substituting a happy thought.

Expect the Best and Get the Best

When you expect the best in life, you get the best. When you expect the worst, that’s what you get. When you change your mental habits to a state of constant belief instead of doubt, everything becomes possible. This requires faith.

To boost your faith, try the following:

  • Absorb faith from the Bible. Read the New Testament and notice how many times faith is mentioned. Choose a dozen statements about faith; memorize each, saying them over and over again, allowing them to sink in. When you’ve absorbed these faith tenets, you’ll have new power to get what you truly want from life.
  • Tell yourself every day that God gives you the power to achieve what you want. Never mention or even think about a poor outcome.

Your thoughts are powerful; they dictate the type of life you lead, the kind of person you are, and the experiences you have. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes; negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes.

If you’re unhappy with your current circumstances, you can remake your life by getting rid of your old, negative thoughts and filling your mind with new thoughts that reflect faith, creativity, love and goodness. When you start thinking differently, the conditions around you will change.

Defeat Is Not an Option

The Power Of A Positive No Pdf free. download full

When you think about defeat, you tend to get defeated. Instead, adopt a mindset where you don’t believe in defeat. The first step is not to be afraid of whatever obstacle you are facing; instead, stand up to it. Practice believing God is with you, and together you can handle any problem. When you stand up to your obstacles, they don’t seem as strong.

If your subconscious has been fed negative attitudes in the past, it will give them right back to you when you’re trying to overcome obstacles because it doesn’t like change. Speak to your subconscious with positivity. Tell it you do believe you can do all things, and eventually, feeding it these positive thoughts — the truth — will turn things around.

If there’s something in your life that has been a long-standing obstacle, it's likely because you’ve told yourself for a long time that there’s nothing you can do about it. But when you adopt the “I can do all things through Christ” mentality, you gain the conviction that you can do something about your difficulties, and amazing results can occur.

Solve Your Personal Problems

Problems will always come up in life, but with faith-based techniques, you can solve your problems in a correct manner that brings you the best outcome. You can do this by:

The Power Of A Positive No Pdf Free Download Free

  • Putting your problems in God’s hands. When two or more people pray about a problem and put it in God’s hands, often greater clarity is the result.
  • Imagine God as your partner. Talk over your problems with God, knowing he hears you and is thinking about your problem. Know that you will be guided to the right actions.
  • Develop an attitude of faith. The Bible tells us that if we have faith, we can overcome any problems and rise above any defeat.

Heal Health with Faith


Faith can be a powerful factor in overcoming health obstacles. From readers and listeners, Peale received numerous examples of healing in which the element of faith is present. In each of these instances, the best resources of medical and psychological science are utilized in combination with spiritual science resources.

In the cases of faith-enhanced healing Peale has investigated, he found certain factors to be present. First, the patient is willing to surrender their health into God’s hands. Second, they let go of sin and want their soul cleansed. Third, they believe in the combination of medical resources and the healing power of God. Fourth, they are willing to accept whatever answer God has for them. Finally, they have an unquestioning faith that God can heal.

Cure Heartache

Grief, sorrow and other forms of heartache and inner suffering are part of being human; it happens at some point to everyone. But there are concrete things to do when you are hurting emotionally, such as getting back to your normal routine, being physically active, and staying busy. It’s also important to feel your grief; it’s natural and helpful to cry when sorrow comes.

There is no greater heartache than the death of a loved one. One way to live with this heartache is to understand the deeper meaning of life and death. When you carry with you the faith that all life is connected—and when you die, you merely continue your journey in another form—you gain a deep peace and comfort about the loss of a loved one.

Learn How to Be Liked

Being liked is more important than just boosting your ego. It’s important to your success in life and in relationships. Striving after popularity won’t work, and no matter what you do, you won’t get everyone to like you.

Still, there are ways to make yourself into a pleasing person who gets along well with others:

  • Be easygoing and natural, someone other people can be around without a sense of strain. Peale calls this being a “comfortable person.”
  • To get other people to like you, you have to like them, and this isn’t always easy. When you get to know anyone, even someone who isn’t likeable on the surface, you’ll find admirable and even loveable qualities.
  • Build up other people’s egos. Everyone wants to feel important. When you build people up, they’ll feel respected and they’ll love you for it.

Call Upon a Higher Power

Many people are depressed and unhappy, but they don’t have to live that way. The answer is to draw upon the Higher Power. Here’s how:

  • First, state your problem in prayer to God, then ask for a specific answer. Believe you will get that answer and believe you are gaining the power to deal with your problem.
  • Relax and rest into the Higher Power.
  • Stay positive; keep an optimistic attitude toward every problem.

No matter what your problem is, drawing upon the Higher Power can help heal you There is no problem or obstacle you can’t overcome with faith, positive thinking, and prayer.

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