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Clear Display With Light - The Travel clock has a clear display with a convenient 5 second on-demand light which can be used to see the time at night. Alarm and Snooze - An alarm and snooze facility will ensure you get out of bed on time. Isometric digital alarm clock vintage retro style vector. Electronic alarm clock flat vector.

When you’re out on the road, you need a way to wake up quickly so that you can go about your day. While many hotels have alarm clocks for their guest, not every trip is spent in a hotel. In this situation, you need a good travel alarm clock to be ready for your appointments.

15. Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Travel alarm clocks that are foldable provide a lot of benefits during your trips. They can quickly be folded away, and the best ones on the market will also stand up using the folding structures. This alarm clock from Travelwey has a lot of excellent, road-friendly features like a date display, a snooze, and an on-demand light.


  • This display is obvious.
  • This alarm clock displays the day of the week.
  • When you need to see the time, you can reach over and press the light in dark situations.

14. Casio TQ140 Travel Alarm Clock

Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock Instructions How To Change Time

If you are looking for an alarm clock for traveling with a unique appearance, then the Casio TQ140 is a great product for you. It has green digits on its analog face that are fairly luminous in the dark. Additionally, it’s small enough for easy packing, and its alarm has a respectable volume.


  • This is a very durable alarm clock. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  • It has an exciting aesthetic design.
  • It’s tiny enough to fit anywhere.

13. Plumeet Non-Ticking Travel Alarm Clock

This Plumeet product is a great alarm clock for kids. First, it has a nightlight, which can add a bit of safety to your child’s trip. Secondly, it comes in a very kid-friendly color: hot pink. While there is also a black version, the hot pink variation looks great for a child. When you need it to wake up, the alarm has an ascending sound effect so that you are gradually roused.



  • This alarm clock is very travel-sized; it’ll easily fit in any bag or pack.
  • The face is backlit so that there is always some illumination in your room.
  • The snooze works in five-minute intervals.

12. Airsspu Digital Alarm Clock

Sometimes, digital is much easier for an alarm clock to read when you’re freshly waking up. This Airsspu clock has a nice, large face and has several key features that make it ideal for traveling. One of its coolest features is its month and date display that is very useful on trips. Additionally, it has a low light sensor technology that turns on a soft nightlight.


  • The display is straightforward to read.
  • It has an ascending alarm tone that gets louder as it rings.
  • This product even displays the indoor temperature for those cold mornings.

11. TXL Smart Analog Alarm Clock

For light sleepers, a non-ticking alarm clock is important. This is why this TXL clock is so useful; it is completely silent. When the light is low, its light sensors will pick that up, and its face will glow a dim blue. Additionally, when the face is exposed to sunlight, the face will glow for an additional four hours when it gets dark.


  • This alarm clock is very accurate due to Quartz movement.
  • For those who need complete silence, this is a great clock.
  • It has a very nice looking, rectangular aesthetic. It almost looks like a watch face.

10. GenLed Mini Foldable Travel Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is designed to be foldable so that you can pack it away with ease. This foldability also allows the stand to protect the screen from scratches as well. Additionally, for those who prefer military time, this alarm also has a setting to display in either 12 or 24-hour format. Additionally, for the light sleepers, this clock is completely silent.


  • This clock features a thermometer for your room.
  • It also displays the month and the date.
  • This is a nearly flat alarm clock, which makes it very easy to transport and store.

9. JCC Electronic Travel Digital Alarm Clock

Another great clamshell-style alarm clock, this JCC square alarm clock is designed specifically not to take up a lot of space. Additionally, it even has a backlight so that children can use it, and you can have a little bit of illumination in a dark room. In addition to this, this clock is also very durable.


  • It’s nice and compact so that you don’t have to dedicate a lot of space to it.
  • It displays the temperature of the room.
  • For those who need to keep track of the date, it also has a calendar feature.

8. Equity by La Crosse 20080 Folding Travel Quartz Alarm Clock

Travelwey Led Digital Alarm Clock Instructions

One of the best features of this Equity by La Crosse travel alarm is its ability to be quickly and easily folded back into its carrying case. Despite this folding ability, this clock is actually an analog device that has a beautiful face. It even features a quartz movement for accuracy.


  • This alarm has a loud beep for those who have difficulty rising.
  • The hands are luminous enough to be very visible during the night.
  • It folds down compactly.

7. Peakeep Battery Travel Alarm Clock

When traveling, it’s nice to have a compact alarm and timepiece placed in a pocket or tucked away in a pack. This travel alarm clock is designed to be very compact and convenient and is even made of very durable, travel-ready materials. Insofar as functionality, it even has quartz movement for accuracy.


  • It’s tiny and compact.
  • It has some great features like a snooze, a backlight, and an ascending alarm.
  • This alarm is completely silent so that light sleepers can rest peacefully.

6. HITO Atomic Bedside Desk Travel Alarm Clock

When traveling overseas, it’s hard to keep up with the local time. This Hito travel alarm clock can help with this through a radio-controlled system that updates the time automatically. Also, for groggy eyes, this alarm clock has a jumbo display that is easily visible in the morning.


  • It has an auto nightlight that stays illuminated when the light goes low.
  • This alarm tells you the day of the week.
  • The fact that this clock keeps track of time zones is beneficial for international business travelers.

5. Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock

Even with something as simple as a travel alarm clock, you might want a durable option that gives you a few standout features. This clock from Westclox packs in some analog buttons that make operating this product a breeze. It has a larger button for snoozing and a slider that’s designed for both setting a timer and setting the alarm.


  • The timer feature is handy for when you need to time a meal on the road.
  • Its snooze and light button is nice and large.
  • This clock’s display is obvious and readable.

4. Travelwey Analog Clock

Analog with quartz movement makes for some accurate timekeeping. This Travelwey clock has both of these features; thus, it is a great way to keep time during your trip. The casing on this is very durable, and it’s also tiny for easy packing.


  • This clock has a thickness design so that it won’t disturb your sleep.
  • Its visual aesthetic is beautiful.
  • The hands are luminous. Additionally, the clock also has an on-demand light.

3. Pluteck Non-Ticking Analog Alarm Clock

Digital Desk Clock

Our final clock has a small form factor, a silent operation, and a three beep, ascending alarm tone that gets loud enough to wake most sleepers. It’s also very durable, which is perfect for most travelers. Also, the snooze will continue until it has been switched off.


Digital Alarm Clock Circuit Diagram

  • The hands are luminous for nighttime viewing.
  • It has a quartz movement.
  • The alarm is loud.

2. MARATHON Travel Alarm Clock

One of the key features of this Marathon alarm clock is its automatic backlight that reads the light levels in the room and activates if it’s dark. It’s also an alarm that has five language readout, which is nice for some users. Also, as a truly international travel alarm clock, it has settings for six time zones.

Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock Instructions


  • This is a great alarm clock for traveling overseas.
  • It automatically sets, using radio waves, to the correct time zone.
  • It folds down very neatly.

1. MARATHON CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon makes a great travel alarm clock, and the CL030023 is no exception. It has multiple display modes that can alert you about the temperature, different time formats, months, and dates. It even has a built-in stand so that you can quickly place it on a nightstand or even on the floor beside your bed.


Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock Instructions

  • This clock folds up fairly well so that you can pack it away easily.
  • The alarm isn’t too loud and disruptive; it’s just loud enough to wake you up.
  • It allows up to two snoozes, which can be useful for some jetlagged users.

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