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A guide on how to import VMD motion file into DesktopMMD.


First you need to find something called 'mmd4mecanim' which converts motions and models automatically to unity assets (It's definitely outdated and thus not perfect, as some models will not cross over well). And then you'll have to attach them separately in unity. There is no MMD camera though, you can't be the camera.

.VMD file is MMD motion file,it can be easily imported into DesktopMMD, you just need import MMD .VMD motion file into Unity and make some small adjustments then you can export the motion file and import into DesktopMMD as Dance.


1. Download and Install Unity: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive

2. Download the Unity Template Project “DMMD_Model_Convert_UnityProject” and unzip into folder: http://xdesktop.com/file/DMMD_Model_Convert_UnityProject.rar

3. Run Unity and open the template project “DMMD_Model_Convert_UnityProject”

4. Drag and drop any MMD model file folder for excample “MMD – Kizuna Ai by Justdesuchan” into Unity project view

  • And the same, Drag and drop your .VMD motion file into the any folder of unity project view

5. Select the MMD model PMX file, and check the three checkbox at right-bottom,and click button “Agree”

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  • Click the Left side folder to change to the .VMD file folder, and Drag and drop .VMD file for example “dance+lip(TDA)” into the right side “VMD” editor,click “Process” button
  • PS: You can drag and drop to add more than one .VMD file into here to batch converts more .VMD files one time.

6. wait for 1 minute ,unity will generate FBX file (Blue square icon),select this FBX file and expand it then you can see the AnimationClip file with the same name of .VMD file “dance+lip(TDA)”,select it and press key “Ctrl + D” to clone a new AnimationClip with the same name:

7. Click the main menu “Windows” >> “AssetBundle Browser” at the top of the window to open the “AssetBundle” window, switch to its “Configure” page, drag and drop the “dance+lip(TDA)” AnimationClip into “Configure” page:

8. Switch to the “Build” page and click the “Build” button. See the generated model file in the “E: AB” folder

9. Find the generated motion file in the path “E: AB”, run DesktopMMD , open the “Manage Dance” in it’s tray menu, then click “New Dance” at the top of the opened window, enter the dance name “BanHuSha” and then click “OK” button.

Then select the AnimationClip file just exported in the dance editing window, and copy the contents of the readme.txt file in the VMD model folder to the “description”, select a preview jpg image file, click OK, Done!

Unity Mmd

Unity Mmd4mecanim

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