Vista Computer Shuts Down

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  1. 1) Formated the SATA 2 drive with XP (on the actual originall computer), formates it, loads the drives and when it comes to the screen where it saying 'Installing Windows'.there is a bar below showing what it;s installing - installes devices. then it shuts down. Always at the same point / place - over and over again.
  2. Ive tried installing Vista Home Premium 5 times on my new build but my computer will always shut itself off at the exact same time. Computer Shuts Down.

Finally got my vista premium to work. Recieved a patch from MS and the installation is fixed! A patch we had to burn on a copy of the orginal dvd and the boot loop never came up again. A sofware failure they called it but after we used that file it worked just fine on all our 5 computer we had problems with. Even my friends computer started.

I'm looking at a computer for a friend. Whilst relatively experienced I pretty new to dealing with issues on Vista. I've had a good search around on Computing.Net and on-line but can't seem to find a resolution to the issue I've got.

The computer boots up and gets to the scrolling bar page before it shuts down. However, when it shuts down the computer seems to go into some sort of sleep mode as the Num Lock light is still on on the keyboard (this may be a feature of VIsta/the computer). If I press a key on the keyboard the computer comes back to life and, via the Error Recovery screen. will start up until the same point before shutting down.

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I can enter the computer in Safe Mode and have turned off all Services and Startup components via MSCONFIG. This had no effect when I restart. I've also done a System Restore with no effect. I ran a Vista Recovery CD through as well, again, with no effect.

Vista Computer Shuts Down Slow

Can anyone give me any hints?

Vista Computer Shuts Down

Many thanks in advance.

Vista Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly


Vista Computer Shuts Down Windows 10

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