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Working with GitHub in VS Code. Using GitHub with Visual Studio Code lets you share your source code and collaborate with others. GitHub integration is provided through the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension. Install the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension. To get started with the GitHub in VS Code, you'll need to create an account and install the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues.

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Visual Studio Plugin

  • Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) seamlessly brings developers the enterprise-class version control features they need without ever having to leave the Visual Studio IDE. Download the plugin below to get started. Feature-Rich Source Code Management. Create, edit and manage workspaces and streams directly from Visual Studio.
  • The Visual Studio Plugin adds a number of tasks to your project. The main tasks that you will use are the visualStudio, cleanVisualStudio and openVisualStudio tasks. The following diagram shows the relationships between tasks added by this plugin. Visual Studio Plugin default task graph.
  • Azure Extensions. You can use Azure directly from Visual Studio Code through extensions. Using either the Azure CLI or the Azure App Service extension, you can have your application running in Azure in minutes. Visual Studio Code Marketplace. There are many VS Code extensions on the Marketplace that make it easy to build and host applications on Azure.

The Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) is a fully compliant Visual Studio Integration Package. Built on P4API.NET for speed and stability, P4VS is available on 32-bit and is compatible with 64-bit Windows platforms.

P4VS - Helix Plugin for Visual Studio

Visual Studio Plugin For Qt

The Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) is the plugin for Helix Core –– version control by Perforce. It is tightly integrated with the Visual Studio environment, giving you:

  • Simplified development workflows.
  • Advanced file and branch visualization tools.
  • Built-in web code review.
Visual Studio Plugin

Features & Benefits

The Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) provides seamless access to all the features of Helix Core within the Visual Studio IDE. P4VS is a fully-compliant Visual Studio solution for one-stop access to all the tools you need.

Native Support for Helix Core
With P4VS, all Helix Core version control features are directly accessible. Developers can easily check out, check in, and view file history.

Advanced Visualization Tools
Want to know who else is working on a file? Or know when a bug was first introduced? When you need more detail, you can use advanced tools like Revision Graph, Stream Graph, and Time-lapse View to get all the info. With P4VS, you don’t need to waste your time switching contexts.

Visual Studio Plugin

Simplified Workflows
Using Perforce Streams makes it easy for development teams to visualize how code flows. This is especially useful for projects with a lot of files, binaries, contributors, and changes. It offers built-in best practices for branching and merging.

Code Review Options
Capture work-in-progress and assign it to another developer for review within P4VS. Helix Swarm –– the code review tool that comes with Helix Core –– can facilitate code reviews, no matter the size of your team. Helix Swarm is both powerful and flexible helping teams ship quality software faster. You can create reviews for code and other assets before or after commits. And it can be customized to fit various workflows. Baby location tracker.

New Features in P4VS

  • CodeLens Integration: P4VS now integrates with CodeLens in the Visual Studio editor. You can see what changes were made and by who right in the code. Bring up changelists and access Time-lapse View or File History to view more.

  • Enhanced Helix Swarm Integration: Swarm reviews can now be opened in the IDE by default.


Visual Studio Plugin


Visual Studio Plugins

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