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If you’re sensitive to light or you simply despise waking up to tons of brightness, the best low-light alarm clocks come in an array of styles, ranging from super-sleek picks to retro-inspired ones. There are even sunrise options to wake you up gently. Regardless of which product you choose, the best options offer screens or faces that can be adjusted or turned off completely so that you can sleep soundly.

Alarm: you can set two alarms with this clock, and there is an option to set each alarm for either weekday only, weekend only, or weekday and weekend. You can also choose to just set one alarm. Projection feature: I didn't know this clock had this feature when I bought it, so this was a nice surprise. Reacher dual alarm clock with weekday and weekend settings can easily set your different wake-up times. The brightness level of the dimmer lights can be adjusted from zero to 100% as per your comfort level.

Workday Alarm Clock

When it comes to low-light alarm clocks, there are a few different types to consider. Some offer different preset brightness levels to choose from, while others feature more customizable dimmers that you adjust using a touch-screen or manual dial. There are also models that only light up if you hold down a particular button.

As you shop, think about any other features you might want in an alarm. Look at the range of alarm sounds and volumes, and the ability to schedule alarms at different times on different days or multiple alarms in one day. Innovative features like temperature and humidity sensors, built-in FM radio, and sunrise simulation can add a nice touch, too. Plus, a battery-operated clock, or one with battery-backup functionality, offer extra insurance if you ever experience a power outage.

With these low-light alarm clocks, you’ll be able to enjoy distraction-free darkness and a more soothing slumber.

1. The Fan-Favorite Alarm Clock With An Optional LED Light

With over 29,000 ratings and 4.7 stars overall, this digital alarm clock has become a fan-favorite thanks to its versatility and sleek design. Users can choose from three adjustable brightness levels, and one reviewer explained, 'After a few seconds it goes dark which is perfect if you prefer a dark room to sleep in.' According to the manufacturer, users can also turn off the LED light entirely.

Other highlights include five volume levels, a temperature and humidity sensor, and a weekday alarm mode (which you can set to only ring Monday through Friday). You can also set up three alarms in advance for each day. This clock operates with a USB cord that has to be plugged in, but it also has a backup battery that saves the time if there's a power outage, according to reviewers. It's available in several colors, including black (pictured), white, brown, and beige.

Promising Amazon review: 'Love our new alarm clock. I wake up easily at night and now that my clock has a sleep mode I don’t have light staring back at me. It’s nice to not roll over and see what time it is and count how many hours/mins I have left until my alarm goes off, I just go back to sleep. The slightest tap wakes up the clock and it stays on just a few moments. Loved it so much I bought a second one for my hubby’s nightstand.'

2. The Best Alarm Clock With A Dial-Controlled Dimmer

This USCCE digital alarm clock has a dial on the back of the clock that allows users to manually adjust the brightness from 0 to 100. One reviewer raved, 'It's hard to find a clock that is not bright even in the lowest setting. This clock is perfect.' You can set up to two alarms at a time (as well as weekday, weekend, and seven-day alarm schedules), and there's also the option to use one of five pre-programmed nature sounds or the built-in FM radio feature as your alarm. The alarm volume is adjustable, and the clock displays the temperature, too. Two USB charging ports and a battery backup feature (AAA batteries can be purchased here) round out a very long list of helpful features. The clock is available in black or with a faux-wood exterior.

Promising Amazon review: 'I was looking for a clock radio that had a dimmable screen as I like my bedroom to be really dark for sleeping. This clock is perfect. The dimmable feature is on a dial so you can set it exactly how you want it. I also like the dual alarm feature. I can set one for weekdays and one for weekends. Plus it has USB charging ports for devices. It's also really nice to see the day of the week on the screen. Overall it's a great little clock radio!'

3. The Best Low-Light Analog Clock

Clocking in at just 4-inches tall (pun intended!), Peakeep's twin bell alarm clock is truly adorable. The vintage-look clock doesn't have an illuminated digital display — instead, there's a button you manually press to turn on a backlight. The non-ticking hands allow for an uninterrupted slumber, but the loud ringing alarm is sure to get you out of bed when it comes time to wake up. It's worth noting that while it's undeniably charming, this clock is quite simple in comparison with others on this list. (For example, it doesn't have a snooze button or multiple alarm modes.) But it's available in sleek black or eye-catching pink and red. It only needs one AA battery to work, which means it'll keep working even if the power goes out.

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Promising Amazon review: 'It's a simple clock. Exactly what we were looking for.. something that doesn't light up the room and had a decent alarm.'

4. The Best Sunrise Alarm Clock With A Dimmable Display

Weekend Weekday Alarm Clock

The Phillips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light is unique on this list because it's not a traditional alarm clock — instead of a ringing alarm, it simulates the sunrise with slowly increasing light. While the clock does use light to wake you up, its display also automatically dims when the room goes dark. Plus, you can turn off the display completely. If you'd also like to wake up with a sound alarm, you can choose between five nature sounds or you can set it to play the FM radio. Just tap the face of the clock to hit snooze.

Promising Amazon review: 'I love the gentle (and quiet!) light that gradually brightens my room and helps me wake up peacefully. I also appreciate how the clock can be set to a low illumination.'

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Оригинальное названиеAlarm clock, Aitey Digital Alarm Clock for kids, Time/Date/Temperature Display, Snooze Function, 3 Alarms, Optional Weekday Mode, USB Charging
ОсобенностиAlarm Clock for bedroom: The backlight can keep on automatically when surrounding becomes dark if you toggle the 'Brightness' switch to 'Low/High' position. And the backlight can be also turned on by clicking the top button whether dark or daylight, however which can just last for 5s.;
Elegant and concise design with super big display and numbers. Easy to read for all age group in far distance, Additional on-screen information includes month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature.;
Humanized Design: '1-7' means Monday to Sunday, '1-5' means Monday to Friday, and '1-6' off means Monday to Saturday. 3 alarm modes for working day, time, date, alarm.;
Smart and manual backlight: The smart backlight can keep on automatically when surrounding becomes dark if you toggle the 'Brightness' switch to 'Low/High' position. And the backlight can be also turned on by clicking the top button whether dark or daylight, however which can just last for 5s.;
The Alarm Clock Volume Adjustment Switch: when we feel the alarm sound is very noisy, you can stick 'VOLUME' to Adjust the volume level.
ОтметитьBuilt-in rechargeable battery, Powered by USB Cord ( Adapter NOT Included). Can be connected to the computer or mobile phone Adapter on the charge, convenient and quick.
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Weekday Alarm Clocks

Weekday Alarm Clock

Weekday Alarm Clock