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Rebuilding a famous app is a good way to learn how to build and customise a more complex UI. We will create parts of the Todoist application today!

In this course we’ll be looking at:

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  • Working with Capacitor data storage
  • Building a custom tag input
  • Using Popovers
  • Adding drag & drop functionality
  • Custom gestures and animations
  • Implementing a search

Of course we are not rebuilding the whole Todoist app, and we are also not using any real backend but only local stored values. But we are building out some pretty cool functionality!

Free up your mental space

Apple Reminders follows Apple’s design and work policy, offering a simple, quick, and easy to use to-do app. Todoist wants to offer granular control over different aspects of lists.

Regain clarity and calmness by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list (no matter where you are or what device you use).

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Singapore pdf free download. Singapore 2016 A major hub for international business $85,300 GDP p.c. (6th in world) 11000% increase from 1965 #1 “Ease of doing business” index World Bank 2006 - 2016. Singapore 2016 719 sq. Km, 5.7M people (3rd in density) 97% literacy rate.

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Todoist has helped
millions of people completeover 1.5 billion tasks
in 150+ million projects.

I literally couldn’t do my job or even manage all the business of being a fully functioning parent and spouse without Todoist.
As a software engineer, it’s useful to break down big projects into smaller tasks, and Todoist is perfect for that purpose.
I kept track of all my school tasks in Todoist and, in 2016, I became the first one in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree.
Todoist has revolutionized the way we run our small business by helping us simplify projects and coordinate tons of details.

Trevor Stephens

General Manager at Topline Builders
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Todoist gave us the focus to scale our company from 2 to 75 employees, $12M in VC financing, and 350+ happy enterprise customers.
Todoist helps me organize all my writing projects. And that makes it an indispensable tool both in business and in life.

A task manager you can trust for life

In the 14 yearsand 87 days that we’ve been building Todoist, we’ve never considered selling out or becoming acquired.

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Our team is committed to staying independent and earning your trust for as long as you need our apps.

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