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Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. The spirit of wisdom pdf. We have a selection of different items received in this mailbag, some of them will probably go out as Christmas gifts to friends, some I’ll keep for myself. Let’s start with this ESP32-S2 development board.

This is the official Espressif dev board and is called ESP32-S2-Saola. It comes in two variants With UFL connector installed so you can use an external antenna or without the UFL connector installed to use with built-in antenna. So the reason for getting this development board was to play with the USB host functionality of the ESP32-S2, I’m working on a project where I have this usb device that creates a virtual serial port over USB. I would love to have that device connected into something like this and create a bridge for that serial port on the local network.

Apr 11, 2019 Xiaomi Mijia Alarm Clock with E-Ink display presented Let's start with design, which as you can see yourself is quite minimal. In fact, we have a white and gray plastic body with rather compact dimensions that therefore make it usable even in the smallest rooms. Aug 29, 2020 The Xiaomi Smart Clock uses an electronic ink screen, with temperature and humidity monitoring, smart alarm, one-button timer and many other features. Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink Thermo-Hygrometer: an accurate and compact device Today we shall talk about quite an interesting Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink Thermo-Hygrometer designed to measure temperature and humidity in the room. Aug 29, 2020 The product is called Seconds Smart Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer. And carries an affordable 149 yuan ($21) price tag. As the name implies, the gadget is a clock which also doubles as a. Aclock has several features that make it the best bedside alarm clock you can buy: Backlit E-ink Display, (like a kindle) high visibility and low power. Tap to illuminate at night - pleasing low brightness backlight Double tap to snooze.

Xiaomi E Ink Clock Manual

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Xiaomi E Ink Clock Software

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bluetooth Hydrometer Clock at GeekDoing Mall:
GeekDoing Mall: https://mgeekdoing.com
GeekDoing Forum: https://geekdoing.com
This review covers the main features of the Mijia Smart Bluetooth Clock from setup to usage around the home.
It is a great product and I recommend it for any smart home enthusiasts or Xiaomi fans.
Видео Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hydrometer Clock Review - (GeekDoing.com) канала Dobsgw Tech

E Ink Color

Xiaomi mijia clock e ink

Xiaomi E Ink Clock Manual