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I was sent this alarm clock by Zhpuat for free for a review.

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This alarm clock comes in its box along with instructions. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand however the clock itself is easy to understand and operate even if you don’t read the instructions. The 3-minute rule pdf free download.

The clock uses 3 AAA batteries which you have to provide yourself. In the battery compartment on the back of the clock there is one battery that lies above the other two. Where the two lie is a spring but this spring was so stiff that it was impossible for me to fit the batteries in perfectly. I really tried and even with some help we still only managed to get the battery in at an angle and the battery compartment cover didn’t fit on top properly. However the clock did work from this point on (as long as nobody pushed the cover as this seemed to reset the clock).

The clock has a lovely large screen. Setting it is very easy. On the back you will see a switch on the right. This locks the current settings or allows you to change the alarm time, date or time. Changing these is simply a matter of pressing the circle button which is marked either hour/month, min/date or year. You can also choose to have a24 hour clock instead of a 12 hour clock. Pressing the circle buttons cycles through the numbers one by one upwards so be careful when setting the date as I’m not sure how many times you’d have to press the date to get back to a previous one. (of course you can always reset the batteries to start again).

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The time displays in large numbers with the alarm time in smaller numbers on the right on the top. Under that is the date and below that (if you turn the switch on the back to on) you will see the temperature in Celsius. I have to say I like this feature and it does seem to be accurate.

Zhpuat Alarm Clock Manual

The big button on the top of the clock is marked snooze/light. Pressing this button brings up a back light for a few seconds and you can press this button at any time. If the alarm is set however this acts as the snooze button too.
The alarm is a good loud one and one that is truly annoying…So good for waking up🙂. It starts off with a few beeps with an interval between each beep, then it speeds up these beeps until it ends up really beeping so much that you would have to be a very heavy sleeper to mot be affected by this alarm.

Overall I do like this clock. Had I not had any issues with the battery compartment I would gladly have given this a 5 star rating. It is still a good alarm clock though and still functions as long as the battery cover isn’t tampered with🙂.

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Rating: 4/5

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